Fitness Video Goes Viral When Viewers Spot a Man on the Toilet in the Background

By Devon Glenn 

Video viewers found new meaning in the word “squat” when they noticed a man sitting on the toilet in the background of a workout video on YouTube.

The clip starts with an actress demonstrating a squat front raise with a piece of fitness equipment. “I want you to really feel this move,” the fitness instructor says to the viewers. When the camera pans across the living room to follow the instructor as she pushes back with her legs and raises her arms, part of the nearby bathroom makes it into the frame. Inside, some guy really is feeling the move while sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles. Talk about a photo bomb.

YouTube viewers were quick to point out the error in the comments. On reddit, viewers are still arguing about whether the toilet cameo was just an accident or if it was staged. So far, the creators at the Daily Hiit are keeping the lid closed on this one.

Published on May 9, the video took off after it was uploaded to reddit on May 10 — it received 3,142 views from and 9,573 views from, according to YouTube’s statistics — and has continued to grow from there. The video, titled “Burnout Challenge – HiitLean #11,” has 58,090 views as of the time of this post.


See the evidence below. It starts around the :20 mark and returns after :30 for an encore.