Finns Trust Shopping Advice Via Facebook More Than Twitter Or Groupon

By Jackie Cohen Comment

People in Finland better appreciate shopping recommendations coming from Facebook than Twitter or Groupon, according to a survey of more than 700 people by Helsinki-based Wantlet, Inc.

The survey by the social commerce company actually found that Finns put even more trust in shopping recommendations from neighbors and product review sites than any social media source.

While 36 percent trust advice from Facebook, 61 percent trust suggestions from neighbors and 51 percent trust shopping recommendations from blogs and product review sites. Compare all that with Groupon at 23 percent and Twitter at 13 percent.

Of course, we always crave studies that survey larger and more diversified populations than, say, a three-digit number of participants in a single country. However, Finland consistently ranks among the most technologically sophisticated countries in the world, so that makes Wantlet‘s survey’s more interesting: A very tech-savvy group of people trust advice from neighbors and product review sites almost twice as much as recommendations shared via any type of social media.

This suggests that social commerce might take longer to catch on than the group-buying evangelists would have you believe. Getting more people to trusting purchasing advice shared via Facebook and other sites seems like a prerequisite for any kind of shopping to happen this way.

Readers, what do you think about the findings from Wantlet?