CASE STUDY: How Fialkov Digital Built Awareness On Facebook For Israeli Building Center

By David Cohen 

IsraeliBuildingCenterCaseStudy650The Israeli Building Center was created to serve as a source of information on Israel’s construction industry, and when it decided it wanted to do some building of its own — of awareness of a major housing fair taking place in Tel Aviv — it turned to Facebook’s advertising products, with the help of agency Fialkov Digital.

According to a Success Story on the Facebook for Business page, the Israeli Building Center’s goal was to attract potential Israeli property buyers to the housing fair, without spending a lot on the campaign, and while taking advantage of engagement with possible attendees.

Fialkov Digital used Facebook’s custom audiences and lookalike audiences ad-targeting tools to ensure that ads would only show up in the News Feeds of potential property buyers, and the campaign achieved:

  • 340 percent higher return on ad spend with custom audiences.
  • 230 percent higher conversion rates than other forms of advertising.
  • 30 percent lower cost per lead than other marketing channels.

Israeli Building Center Chairman Eren Rolls said in the Facebook Success Story:

Using Facebook’s advanced tools was critical to the campaign’s success. Considering the limited number of new apartment buyers in Israel this year, finding potential buyers on Facebook at low cost and being able to engage online or at the housing fair was really important.