Finally, A Female Old Spice Spoof: The Woman You’d Love Your Woman To Be Like

By Megan O'Neill Comment

The Old Spice ‘Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign has been spoofed and spoofed again, but until now all the Old Spice parodies featured men (or sausages). This week The Sun’s Page 3 has replaced Isaiah Mustafa with a woman, and a hot one at that.

Unlike several other companies and politicians that tried unsuccessfully to make Old Spice’s campaign fit their own agenda, the Page 3 ‘Woman You’d Love Your Woman To Be Like’ campaign actually makes sense. After all, The Sun’s Page 3 is famous for publishing photos of nude or topless glamour models and what better way to promote that by putting a topless glamour model in a towel to let men know that the women on Page 3 are them women of their dreams. Diamonds and “tickets to that thing you love” are traded in for coconuts, tickets to that match you have to see, beers, and a sports car. If you ask me, it’s brilliant.

Check out the Page 3 Old Spice spoof below and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you think The Sun, like so many others, should have been more original instead of riding on the coattails of Old Spice, or do you think the campaign does the job?