Feed Mom Targets Mothers' Facebook Photo Sharing

By Meredith Singer Comment

If you have a new baby, or adorable toddler or — hell, a cute new puppy — and want your mom to see the photos you upload to Facebook, you probably have a few hurdles to cross. The biggest problem: She doesn’t know how to use the social network. She barely has learned to turn on the new Apple computer you bought her for Christmas last year.

But the one thing your mom probably knows how to do, after months of one-on-one training and talk therapy, is check her email. That’s where Feed Mom comes in. The new application, which is a service of Phanfare, Inc, a subscription-based photo-sharing site, will email photos that are uploaded by you and/or tagged with you in it to any email address you want.

All you have to do is give permission to the application via Facebook connect. Next up, you enter in the email address of your mom (or anyone else) and then select if you want that person to be emailed every new photo you upload to Facebook, or just new photos that you are tagged in on Facebook.

If the latter option is raising some major red flags (imagine your mom getting emailed a photo of you from a drunken happy hour), you can set up a delay between when you are tagged in a photo and when Feed Mom emails that photo out. You can set the amount of time you need to censor yourself.

Once the recipient you select gets an email, he or she receives step-by-step instructions for how to view the photo on Facebook, print the photo, or reply to the email. This is great because it proves the service was built for the least-techie person you have in your contacts list.

The only problem for me is: Does this mean that new mothers should only have photos of their baby on Facebook? After you become a parent, are you not allowed to upload photos of just you anymore? I couldn’t find an option to select, say, a particular album that I would want to share with someone, but I suppose you could just turn off the feature when you don’t want emails to be sent out after new photos upload.

The first email address is free, but after that you’ll be charged $1.99 for two emails or $4.99 to allow you to enter 10 email addresses. If you invite a friend on Facebook to use Feed Mom, you’ll earn one free email address for every friend that joins (with a limit of three).

Do you see potential for a photo sharing application focused on mothers?