Facebook Debuts Feed Gaming: Users Can Sample Games Directly Via News Feed

By David Cohen 

Facebook’s news feed is about to become a lot more fun, as the social network announced that it will implement the ability for users to try out games directly via news feed and timeline stories.

Games including Idle Worship, Angry Birds, and Bubble Witch Saga have already deployed what Facebook is calling feed gaming.

From the developers’ standpoint, feed gaming allows users to access short samples of games without leaving the news feed. And from the users’ standpoint, they can sample games without authorizing them or surrendering personal data.

Facebook suggested more ways for developers to engage with potential game players in a post on its developer blog:

  • Competing with friends: Angry Birds encourages people to challenge their friends to beat their high score on a specific level. Try now.
  • Rewarding engagement: Bubble Witch Saga offers a higher reward of “coins” for better game play, encouraging people to play and then click through to install the game and collect their coins. Try now.
  • Track performance of feed gaming stories: To track performance for these stories, pass in a ref param (for example, “ref=feed_game_a”) when publishing the story, and Facebook will begin tracking that story type in insights for your app.

Learn more details about implementing feed gaming in our documentation.

Readers: Would you be more willing to try out more Facebook games if you could do so directly from the news feed, and not have to authorize applications and grant permissions?