Facebook Shares Favorite Searches On Graph Search For The Chosen Few

By David Cohen 

Facebook continues to talk up its recently introduced graph search, yet only a fraction of its users — “hundreds of thousands” of its 1 billion-plus monthly active users — can access the feature, with countless others having been wait-listed since graph search debuted in beta last month.

Despite the fact that the majority of Facebook users can’t actually carry out any of these searches, here are some of the social network’s favorite searches on graph search, from a post in the Facebook Newsroom:

Finding out more about friends: People typically begin using graph search by looking up their friends. Some further ideas to try are:

  • Videos of my friends.
  • My friends who are engaged.
  • Photos of my friends before 2009.
  • Friends of my friends who like Kevin Bacon.

Finding photos: You can use graph search to find pictures of friends and family, but there’s also a lot of public content on Facebook shared by brands or news organizations. Some ideas include:

  • Photos by The New York Times.
  • Photos by National Geographic.
  • Photos of Baltimore Ravens.
  • Photos of underwater photography.

Planning trips: As well as browsing friends’ holiday photos, people are using graph search to plan activities and trips:

  • Hotels near Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
  • Ski resorts my friends have been to.
  • Places I have visited.
  • Places that people named “Waldo” have been to.

Discovering new things: Graph search allows you to search for things that people with similar tastes enjoy, so you can discover new things that you might like. For example:

  • Videos of TV shows liked by my friends.
  • Movies liked by people who like my favorite movies.
  • Favorite hobbies of CEOs.
  • Apps my friends like.

Readers: How many of you actually have access to graph search, and how many are on the wait list?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.