Fantrotter Facebook App Makes It Easier For Fans To Plan Their Entire Trips To Events

By David Cohen 

FantrotterLogoFacebook users are more likely to attend events such as concerts, festivals, shows, and games if they have an easier way to arrange travel and lodging. This was the thinking behind the launch of Fantrotter for Performers, a Facebook application from Fantrotter that allows musical artists, comedians, festival promoters, theater groups, sports teams, and other event hosts to give potential attendees the option of planning their entire trips.

Once Fantrotter for Performers is installed on Facebook pages, fans can check prices on tickets, flights, hotels, and car rentals, as well as purchase tickets and travel purchases from sources including StubHub and Expedia.

The main Fantrotter website already provided all of those options to potential attendees, and the Facebook app allows hosts to add them to their Facebook pages. Fantrotter for Performers also works alongside other apps used by musical artists to promote their tours, including BandsInTown, BandPage, and ReverbNation.

Fantrotter Founder and CEO Michael Coletta said in a release announcing the rollout of Fantrotter for Performers:

Fantrotter was created out of my own frustration while attempting to plan trips to see my favorite bands and sports teams. I travel a lot and often hit the road to see a new place, as well as to catch an event. I found myself spending hours looking up ticket prices for different events, and then performing separate searches for flights, hotels, and car rentals, struggling to find the best prices for the dates and cities I was interested in. Fantrotter streamlines this research, saving time for the devoted fan, providing a new form of vacation inspiration for the casual fan, and saving everyone money in the process.

Our Facebook app can help promoters of all kinds of events sell more tickets, sell more merchandise, create social media buzz, and have happier fans.

Our mantra is fantrotting: We’re giving people the means to be the ultimate fan. At the end of their lives, people always say they wish they had traveled more, listened to more music, and laughed more. That’s what Fantrotter is all about — helping people do more of what makes them happy, now.

Readers: Would the convenience offered by Fantrotter encourage you to attend more events?