Round Two Of Testing Facebook’s Mobile Ad Network

By David Cohen 

CurrencySymbolsMobilePhoneIt’s round two for Facebook’s mobile ad network test: After beginning to test a mobile ad network in September 2012, and then putting the project on pause in December of that year, the social network is in test mode again.

TechCrunch reported on the latest iteration of the Facebook mobile ad network test, and a spokesperson from the company confirmed the test to TechCrunch, saying:

We’re running a second test to show Facebook ads off-Facebook in mobile ads and on mobile sites. Our goal is to improve the relevancy of the ads people see. Since this is a test, we don’t have additional details to share.

The first round of testing, from last September, allowed advertisers to target Facebook users on mobile devices with ads for applications or websites based on the Facebook data those users generated from their visits to other apps or mobile sites.

Facebook said at that time that users may start seeing banner and interstitial ads on non-Facebook iOS or Android apps, or mobile sites they authenticated with Facebook, based on their biographical and social data from the social network, such as age, gender, location, likes, and friends who have used apps.

When the first round of testing was put on hold in December 2012, Facebook Spokesman Brandon McCormick said:

We are pausing our mobile ads test off of Facebook. While the results we have seen and the feedback from partners has been positive, our focus is on scaling ads in mobile News Feed before ads off of Facebook. We have learned a lot from this test that will be useful in the future.

Readers: Do you think Facebook will eventually proceed with a mobile ad network?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.