Sports Fans On Facebook Can Put Their (Virtual) Money Where Their Mouths Are With Fanhood

By David Cohen 

By their very nature, sports are social, and social applications developer Fanhood officially launched a new social gaming platform on Facebook Tuesday aimed at allowing fans of all major professional and college sports to experience the games together.

Using virtual currency only, Fanhood users can engage with their fellow sports fans via friendly wagers, challenges, pools, trivia games, and other competitions.

Fanhood had more than 40,000 registered users for its pre-launch beta test, and it was founded by CEO Brandon Ramsey, who previously founded and served as head engineer for Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Deals, and Yahoo Travel. The Fanhood team includes former staffers at Yahoo, Zynga, and Slide.

The privately held company has also raised capital from investors including First Round Capital, Mayfield Fund, and Foundation Capital.

Ramsey said:

With Fanhood, we are engaging sports fans on a whole new level, making their opinions matter. As fans ourselves, we saw a distinct opportunity to create the perfect platform to make following sports with friends easier and more fun.

And First Round Capital’s Josh Kopelman added:

Fanhood is providing a unique way for sports fans to engage in their passion. We are thrilled to be a part of the continued growth and development of this exciting platform. This is a creative team that knows how to execute. I’m betting on them.

Readers: How much do you incorporate Facebook and social apps into your sports experience?