Falcon Pro Sets Standard For Developers To Stick It To Twitter’s New API

By Mary C. Long 

By this point, third party developers have either complied with Twitter’s new API or they’ve died their slow deaths.

There’s still plenty of rumbling to go around, though, and with good reason: Twitter (arguably) became the Internet powerhouse it is today because it had the support of these same folks it cast out. But we’ll leave that argument to the folks at App.net, or as some like to call it, the “anti-Twitter.”

One developer, though – Falcon Pro, has decided to throw a parting jab.

Falcon Pro, like so many others, suffered an untimely death when it unexpectedly reached its 100k token limit.

As Droid Life reports, of the 100K Falcon Pro tokens, only 40K are active installs, which means that a great deal of the max user count is being eaten up by people who who pirated the app; bought it and returned it within Google Play’s 15-minute refund window; or installed it, took a token, and then never opened it again.

They set up a petition to try to convince Twitter to give them additional tokens, but that apparently didn’t go very far.

So its creator moved on to new things, but he left this parting jab:

Where’s the jab in THAT? Here:

Droid Life reports one can obtain free access to the app by performing a series of actions (you can read the solution in the comments here):

Why is this “sticking it to Twitter?” Well, you aren’t forced to use of Twitter’s “certified partners,” thus giving Twitter the bird (in effect). Or just continue about your day with your conformist, tech-supported app. Whatever suits you.

Would this annoy Twitter if more apps did this? We’ll speak for recently departed apps and answer: “one can only hope.”

(Image from FalconPro)