FaceSaver Brings Facebook Timeline Sanitizing to Mobile

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, social media, facebook, privacySystem Ready today launched FaceSaver, an iOS app that filters through the user’s shared material in search of potentially inappropriate content and allows them to delete it.

The app searches for profanity and references to drugs, alcohol or sex in the content the user has shared. It displays the content and allows the user to delete it. It claims to have a more thorough database of references, including slang.

U.K.-based System Ready is the first to bring such timeline “cleaning” to mobile. TrustedID’s Reppler and SimpleWash provide similar services on the Web.

Employers are increasingly looking at applicants’ Facebook profiles as part of the vetting process. According to System Ready, 90 percent of employers acknowledged doing so.

“One of the aims of the app is to give its users peace of mind that their timeline is clean, which will allow them to make their profile more public and even turn it into an positive attribute when applying for jobs and career advancement,” said Neil Flanigan, a spokesman for the company.

The app is available for iOS for $2.99.