Facebook’s Public Policy Manager to Join Uber

By Devon Glenn 

Facebook public policy manager Cory C. Owens announced today that he is leaving the social network to take on the taxi industry for Uber. Owens will leave his office in Washington, D.C. to join the car service company at its headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

Although Owens told his followers on Facebook earlier today that he was “incredibly bullish” on Facebook’s future, he will be leaving for Uber in order to work on “reshaping urban transportation as we know it.”

Uber is a mobile app that can track drivers throughout the city to quickly connect them with waiting passengers.

The service has met opposition from taxi drivers and regulators in New York, California, and Massachusetts. Its “surge pricing” system also came under scrutiny by New Yorkers during Hurricane Sandy, when the company raised its prices in order to keep more drivers on the road.

Uber is currently working with these governments and others to update the current taxi and limo service regulations to better suit the car service’s business model.