Facebook's News Feed Boosts Engagement By 29%

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook’s news feed continues to demonstrate quality over quantity for pages: Likes have risen nine percent and comments have gone up 21 percent, despite 25 percent fewer views, or impressions.

So goes EdgeRank Checker’s analysis of how the changed news feed’s first two weeks affected over 3,500 pages on Facebook.

The interesting thing here is that comments outpace likes, a reversal of what pages have seen before the advent of the news feed changes.

When likes and comments are considered together as engagement — an increase of 29 percent — then the analysis bolsters a previous one by EdgeRank Checker, in which impressions dropped but interactions increased.

EdgeRank Checker sums up the changes:

The most surprising aspect of this second report is the increase in comments. Typically, likes are easier to attain than Comments, which makes the strong growth in Comments even more interesting.

Personally, we believe that EdgeRank has been made more focused. This will add additional pressure to Facebook pages to truly create engaging content to expand their reach. We also do expect the impressions to oncrease, although the percentage may never return to previous levels.

Whether impressions increase will depend on how page administrators respond to the changed news feed. Creating more compelling content would get more people to click and bring up that other number.

Page administrators have yet to figure out how to recapture these lost impressions, but maybe that’s unnecessary given the increase in likes and comments.

And all of these trends could change direction, simply because the changed news feed hasn’t been around that long yet.

How do EdgeRank Checker’s numbers compare with what you’re seeing on Facebook?