Facebook's Most Viral Meme Is N.Y. Same-Sex Marriage

By Jackie Cohen Comment

All weekend long, Facebook users have been discussing the New York Senate’s vote to legalize same-marriage. Status updates, wall posts and comments on the subject, both for and against, continue to go up at a rate of about once every few seconds.

When I’d first seen the topic take over my own news feed like wildfire, I presumed it wasn’t necessarily a viral meme across Facebook but rather reflecting a certain demographic on my own friend list.

Apparently, it wasn’t just nonheterosexuals and their friends posting on the topic of same-sex marriage at a rate of one per second during that first 24 hours after the vote.

People who aren’t necessarily friends of the gay community also began sharing their opinions on Facebook, with the net effect that both sides of the issue together made it the most viral meme on Facebook over the weekend.

Readers, what are your friends posting on Facebook about same-sex marriage?