Predict Facebook’s Friday Closing Price On

By David Cohen 

We were so proud of ourselves yesterday for posting a poll on what Facebook’s closing price would be Friday following the launch of its initial public offering Friday morning. And then programmer James Proud had to upstage us with a website dedicated to the subject.

Mind you, this is not a snarky way of accusing Proud of stealing our idea. had nothing to do with us. TechCrunch has the background on the website’s creation.

According to TechCrunch, angel investor Chris Sacca sent a tweet reading:

Will someone please make I would love to see all the pundits place their bets.

Proud responded with the following tweet before getting to work:

@sacca Ok!

The site — which Proud told TechCrunch was “quickly knocked together with Python, Tornado, Postgres, Redis, Heroku, no sleep and Bootstrap” — allows Twitter users to sign in with their accounts and post their predictions for Facebook’s closing price today.

At the time of this post, 2,132 people had weighed in, predicting an average closing share price of $54 per share, which would value Facebook at $135,718,802,154. Perhaps we aimed too low with the price options for our poll, as our results at the time of this post (rounded off) were:

  • More than $46: 62 percent
  • $41 to $46: 16 percent
  • $38.01 to $41: 11 percent
  • Under $30: 4 percent
  • $30 to $35: 3 percent
  • $35 to $37.99: 2 percent
  • $38, exactly where it started: 2 percent