Facebooking Padres Fans Don’t Like Dick Enberg

By David Cohen Comment

More than 40 years of experience behind the microphone for sporting events, 14 Emmy Awards, and nine Sportscaster of the Year awards apparently aren’t enough for fans of Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres.

According to the results of a poll on the Facebook page of Padres blog Friarhood.com, Padres fans do not want to see Dick Enberg return to the announcer’s booth for the 2012 season. Enberg is under contract through the end of the current (2011) campaign.

At the time of this post, 149 Facebook users had voted against Enberg’s return, compared with just 57 who wanted to see the veteran continue calling games for Channel 4 San Diego.

As reported by the San Diego Reader, a recurring theme in Facebook users’ comments was a tendency by Enberg to express excitement during his calls of good plays by the Padres’ opponents. Some comments, via the publication:

I say we get someone… who announces as if he’s not actually rooting for the Dodgers or Vagiants. I want a hometown announcer to sound like one.

I do like Dick. I like a bit of the neutrality that he brings, and he’s been a good broadcaster over the years. However, I’m hearing more and more gaffes and mistakes on- air. I don’t want him to sour his reputation as a great broadcaster when he’s constantly making mistakes probably not by intent. He is getting older. I would like for Dick to retire and call it a great broadcasting career while he can.

He’s not the greatest, but I feel like he adds something to watching the games.

Great grasp of the history of the game with his anecdotes. Mudd (Mark Grant) and Enberg have great chemistry. Clearly this is age discrimination (to) try to get rid of Dick!

Friarhood.com founder Steve Adler spoke with San Diego Reader about the poll, saying:

I get the sense that there are more people who feel passionately that they don’t want him back than there are those who feel passionately about him staying. I have a lot of respect for what Dick Enberg has done in his career. He is a broadcasting legend, and no one wants to take that away from him. The reason for the poll (is) to allow fans to voice their opinions and tell us what they want for the 2012 Padres TV broadcast.

Readers, have you ever voted in a similar poll on Facebook, and do you think the results impacted the eventual decision that was made?