Facebook Wraps Up World Hack 2012

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook is increasingly becoming a worldwide phenomenon, with talent coming from all over the globe. The social network recently wrapped up World Hack 2012, where developers from several different countries competed to create the best Facebook applications.

More than 2,000 developers hacked for the grand prize: a trip to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., to meet with members of the site’s engineering team. World Hack was hosted in Austin, TexasMexico CityBuenos Aires, Argentina; São PauloTaipei, TaiwanBerlinJakarta, IndonesiaBangalore, IndiaBarcelona, SpainVancouver, British ColumbiaWarsaw, Poland; and Moscow.

On Monday, Facebook announced the grand prize winners:

  • The Paperclip.io team, from Taipei. Paperclip.io allows users to sort things they’ve liked on Facebook into an easily readible index by category or date.
  • The Chained Story team, from Buenos Aires. Chained Story is the Web version of a storytelling game where users take turns adding to a story. The story can then be published to a friend’s timeline.
  • The BoostMate team, from Moscow. BoostMate analyzes users’ social graph, producing a ranking of your closest friends, who you interact with the least, and whether your interactions were positive.

Facebook also commended the work done by the developers of apps such as game Memory Millionaire, from Taipei, where users can select a date range and a group of friends, and the app picks a photo or quotation to attribute to a friend.

Readers: Do any of these apps sound like something you could use?