How Facebook Helped To Oust Wisconsin Governor

By Jennifer Moire Comment

Facebook gets some amount of credit in the campaign to oust Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker, given the overwhelming response to the petition drive that concluded this week.

State Democrats were successful in generating more than 1 million signatures, far greater than the 540,000 needed to initiate the recall. United Wisconsin, the group behind the effort, manages the “I Love Wisconsin” Facebook page.

They claimed victory in a post calling the effort “the largest recall in American history.”

Last summer, Walker came to our attention when protests broke out after he tried to ban the collective bargaining rights of state workers.

People used Facebook to share enthusiasm and support since the recall effort kicked-off in November.

The pages’ more than 43,000 fans shared links that helped supporters find their local petition signing site.

The organizers also used Facebook to promote key events along the way, including tonight’s petition turn-in party.

Another pr0-recall site, the “Recall Scott Walker” Facebook page, has more than 61,000 likes and included information on get-out-the-vote and posts by well-known state leaders.

At least five other Facebook pages were created to generate support and ultimately signatures for the recall.

Not to be outdone, Republicans launched a rebuttal Facebook page, called “I Stand with Scott Walker.”

With 19,230 fans so far, the page is the Facebook hub for supporters who want to defend the governor’s record as the recall process moves forward.

Recalls are a rarity in American politics, and a recall date has not yet been set in Wisconsin.

What do you think of Facebook’s role in this recall campaign, readers?