Could Facebook Make Waves With Waze?

By Julie D. Andrews 

Facebook has made quite the flurry of acquisitions lately. Last week, the social network acquired Threadsy. The word on Wednesday is that Facebook could consider purchasing Waze, developer of a well-liked, free, community-based traffic-nav app. Waze has nearly 6,200 users talking about it and the app has garnered 126,000 likes.

The rumors of the possible acquisition were first reported by Israeli financial daily newspaper Globesthen followed by Forbes and BGR. Reports claim that there was a recent tête-à-tête between big-wig execs at Facebook and the like from Waze.

This would be the third Facebook acquisition in Israel, after, which the site acquired in June for $60 million and Snaptu, which the social network bought in March 2011 for roughly $70 million.

While the real agenda for the get-together has not been confirmed, it is speculated that Facebook may be considering a possible collaboration with or acquisition of Waze, which has an office in Facebook’s former stomping grounds of Palo Alto, Calif.

Waze, founded in March 2008, recently partnered with Apple to provide a traffic app for the new GPS system for its next smartphone.

Readers: What do you think Facebook could do if it acquires Waze?