Facebook Finally Rolls Out Verified Accounts

By David Cohen Comment

Facebook will finally introduce a verified-account feature for personalities today, although their real names must still be used when they sign up, but it differs from those of Twitter and Google Plus in one major way: Users will not see any kind of badge or other graphic indicating that the account is verified.

TechCrunch reported that verified users’ real names will still appear on the about page of their profiles, and that they have options for the way their names are displayed on the profile, offering up Lady Gaga as an example: Her name could appear as “Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga),” or simply as “Lady Gaga,” with “Stefani Germanotta” appearing on the about page.

Verified accounts will enjoy priority in Facebook’s suggestions of users to subscribe to.

Potentially verified users will not be offered a method of applying; Facebook will initiate the process starting today with a notification on profiles that have a large number of subscribers. (Editor’s note: I received a prompt to validate my account when I had about 66,200 subscribers.)

They will have to provide images of official, government-issued IDs, which the social network will delete after verification. Those users must also submit their alternative names, which Facebook must approve.

Our take: Today’s move by Facebook is long overdue, but the lack of any sort of badge or graphic to let users know that personalities’ profiles are authentic is puzzling. One of the first things we look for when searching for personalities’ Twitter accounts is the check mark that signifies that the account is verified, and we see no reason why Facebook wouldn’t include something similar.

Screenshots courtesy of TechCrunch.