Facebook Users Can Now Start “Using Protection”

By Kenna McHugh Comment

You can now share with your friends on Facebook knowing that you are “using protection” and will not spread any social media diseases.

Using Protection protects Facebook users from unwanted viruses, spam and malware posted on their wall. The online service scans for viruses whenever you view Facebook pages, making it impossible for you to spread them to your friends. The service is priced at 99 cents a month, but is free for the first 30 days and can be cancelled anytime. The service works 24/7 making sure Facebook users will be kept safe and will not infect their friends with any known Facebook germ.

Using Protection was created by Randy Adams, an internet serial entrepreneur who founded seven companies, invented PDF and Acrobat, created the first e-commerce web site and co-founded funnyordie.com.

“This year more than two hundred million people will find some form of virus or spam on their Facebook wall and inadvertently spread it to all their friends,” said Adams. “Using Protection blocks these viruses making it impossible for you to infect others.”

In the last four months, my Facebook wall experienced some form of spam, virus or malware. It would be nice if Facebook could offer this as part of the membership.

Using Protection servers constantly scan Facebook looking for spam, viruses and malware. Once found, they are recorded in Using Protection’s virus database and will be instantly blocked on Using Protection user’s wall. When Using Protection finds a virus on a user’s wall, it replaces the link and highlights the posting in red or orange depending on the threat level. Using Protection is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer users now and will be available for Chrome and Safari users in the near future.