Twittus Puts Tweets Into A Box On Facebook Timeline

By David Cohen Comment

Twitter users posting their tweets to their Facebook accounts is nothing new, but new Facebook application Twittus takes advantage of timeline to allow users to create a separate box on their profiles to house all Twitter activity, including retweets and mentions.

Twittus instantly updates users’ Facebook feeds with each new tweet, displaying new content in its box on the timeline.

Content in Twittus can be navigated and searched by time, date, month, and year.

One advantage gained by using Twittus rather than Twitter’s native solution for Facebook integration is that all Twitter content is gathered in one place, rather than spread throughout users’ news feeds.

Another is the inclusion of retweets and mentions.

Twittus added in the description of its app:

The idea behind this app was to create a better tool to connect Twitter with Facebook in a way that would correspond to real-time changes of the open graph platform.

In the decade of social media, creation and distribution of consumer-generated information amasses such an amount of data (per person/per day) that can hardly be consumed totally.

An additional piece of information in the chaotic Facebook news stream brings more distortion and obscurity rather than incremental value for the user.

Status quo organically created the need for feed curation so that one would clearly separate certain posts from the rest — this is what Twittus is all about.

The philosophy behind the loyal servant is to tidy up users’ Facebook timeline and present tweets in a more informative and aesthetically appealing manner.

Readers: Do you currently use any third-party apps to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts?