Facebook Tweaks News Feed to Surface More Relevant Posts

By Devon Glenn 

Facebook today announced two minor changes to its News Feed that will surface more — and hopefully more relevant — posts from users’ friends.

Story Bumping and Last Actor sound just as adorable as two other Facebook activities: poking and liking, but the names of the two new features actually refer to the way that Facebook’s algorithm selects which stories users see when they log in to their accounts.

According to our sibling blog AllFacebook, Story Bumping “allows engaging posts you haven’t seen to be bumped up to the top of News Feed later in the day,” while “Last Actor takes into account the last 50 engagements a user has performed, and gives those users a slight bump up in News Feed ranking.”

These changes were designed to keep important posts from getting buried by more recent posts while users are logged out of Facebook and to make sure that updates from the friends users talk to the most are showing up first.

InsideFacebook noted that, according to Facebook’s Vice President Chris Cox, Facebook is still working on balancing how many posts users will see from publishers, who want more reach, so that these messages do not interfere with updates from friends.