KLM To Allow Passengers To Choose Seatmates Via Facebook Profiles

By David Cohen Comment

Does using Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to determine which passengers to sit near on an airline flight sound far fetched? Not to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

KLM is developing what it calls “meet and seat,” which will allow passengers who choose to participate to examine other participants’ profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn in order to choose seatmates by common interests, business connections, or just good old-fashioned attractiveness, Associated Press reported.

We think that this type of application demonstrates a good reason to use the privacy settings on your Facebook profile: limiting visibility of your photos to friends only would help keep trolls from finding the seat next to you. Still, it’s a good thing KLM’s “meet and seat” is totally opt-in, or the airline would be opening up a big-time can of worms.

A spokeswoman for the airline, Gedi Schrijver, told CNN:

We say it will be social seating. Both passengers have to use this tool before they make an appointment.

KLM did not specify whether it would charge for the upcoming service, which it expects to debut early next year.

CNN pointed out that Malaysia Airlines launched its MHbuddy service in February, which allows passengers to check in via Facebook, select their seats, and view where their friends are sitting.

And AP went back to 2006 to mention a similar service offered by AirTroductions airline, which was eventually scrapped.

Readers: Would you be comfortable allowing strangers on your airline flights to choose whether or not to sit next to you based on your Facebook profiles?