Facebook Makes Translation Available To All Pages

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook has made it possible for people to translate individual posts on pages into another language, using a tool from Bing.

Individual users have to install Bing Translate. Once they do, they can get translations only on pages that have enabled all modes of translation within the settings panel. Admins, if you don’t have this set up already, click on “edit page,” then “your settings,” and within the “translations from” area, select “admin, community and machine translators.”

Public posts on pages that have the translations enabled will have a “translate” link located between the words “comment” and “share.”

This improvement for pages comes in time for Facebook’s next phase of growth, likely to occur more outside of the U.S. and other English-speaking parts of the world.

And some of the most engaged audiences for page content speak languages other than English; nearly one third of this week’s most engaging pages, according to AllFacebook’s rankings, have content in a language other than English.

I look forward to seeing Bing Translate go to work on AllFacebook.de‘s page, and am equally curious to hear from my colleagues over there about how the translations compare to what Google offers via the browser.

Are you curious to check out content on pages based in a language other than your own?