Facebook To Release Fourth-Quarter Earnings Jan. 30

By Justin Lafferty 

It has been an interesting fiscal quarter for Facebook, and in just a few weeks, everyone will know how the company did financially over the past three months. Facebook announced to investors Wednesday that it will hold its fourth-quarter earnings call at 2 p.m. PT Jan. 30.

Ever since Facebook went public May 18, the company has aggressively tried to roll out new advertising techniques to prove to investors that it is a worthy buy — especially with regard to mobile. While the value of Facebook stock took an initial fall, it has since leveled out in the neighborhood of $25 per share, with occasional dips and jumps.

One of the biggest monetization efforts that gained steam in this quarter has been Facebook Gifts, which allows users to buy items for Facebook friends directly through the site.

In the company’s third-quarter earnings call in October, Facebook emphasized mobile monetization, telling investors that users will see more ads (and different types of ads) in their mobile news feed. At that point, 14 percent of Facebook’s advertising revenue came from mobile.

Overall, Facebook lost $372 million in the fiscal third quarter.

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