Facebook Offers Social Networking Tips To New Members Of Congress

By Justin Lafferty 

The men and women of the U.S. Congress may know government affairs, the economy, and public policy, but they might not be well-versed in Facebook. The social network is here to help, offering tips for the newest members of Congress looking to get started on Facebook. Even if you don’t hold office in Washington, D.C., there are some helpful hints.

The guide includes a checklist on getting started, such as linking Facebook pages to social presences on Twitter and Instagram, and utilizing tabs to connect all of the profiles.

Other tips?

  • Post “behind-the-scenes” photos as you get settled: Several politicians, such as Rep.¬†Sean Duffy (R-Wis.),¬†have used this tactic, putting a human touch on the page and putting a face to the representative.
  • Introduce fans to D.C. staff and the office: Facebook recommends that new members of Congress create welcome videos, host question-and-answer sessions, and update their pages with milestones.
  • Explain the vote: Those who are interested in connecting with a member of Congress know that they voted a certain way, but Facebook offers a way for politicians to speak out and explain to their fans why they voted for or against a bill.
  • Utilize photos: Several sources have found that photos are the most engaging kind of content, so be sure to visualize posts whenever possible.
  • Add Facebook plug-ins to your website:

Facebook also included a handy flowchart for getting started, as well as a tutorial breaking down the basics of a Facebook page.

Readers: Are you connected with a member of Congress or a local politician on Facebook?