What Happened To Facebook's Spam Filter On Timeline

By Guest Comment

Alas, not all of the algorithms Facebook has created are equally effective: spam detection is still a moving target.

Facebook pages without timeline have spam detection woven into conversations on the wall; the page hides posts from public view and displays them only to the admins in grey boxes.

After you upgrade a page to timeline, it might look like the spam filter has changed, when in fact it has simply relocated — or rather, posts flagged as spam are aggregated in the same place rather than strewn all over the wall.

Facebook puts all your spam in one place under your admin panel.

Click on the button labeled “manage” and then select “use activity log” from the dropdown menu. Then in the top right-hand corner of the next screen, click the button labeled “all” and then select “spam” from the dropdown menu.

Everything in this list is hidden from the page. You’ll want to scan through it periodically.

Whenever you find something that you’d rather see moved back to your wall, you can hover over the circle and click “unmark as spam.” This will make the post visible again.

Readers, have you checked out the spam filter in timeline pages yet?

Guest writer Nathan Latka is chief executive officer of Lujure.