Timeline Remove Browser Plug-In Sort Of Brings Back Old Facebook Profile

By David Cohen Comment

A new browser extension called Timeline Remove may seem like a dream come true for the legions of Facebook users who are unhappy with the new timeline profile, but things aren’t always what they seem.

Timeline Remove is currently available for Firefox and Google Chrome, with versions for Internet Explorer and Safari in the works. After installing it, the following warning message appeared when we browsed Facebook.

We were using Firefox, so the browser add-on apparently tricks the browser into behaving like an older version of Internet Explorer. It did remove timeline when we checked our profile, as illustrated below, but having an obsolete browser wasn’t worth the trade-off.

Also, our timeline profiles would still be visible to other Facebook users who hadn’t installed Timeline Remove — failing to address one of the most prominent gripes of the anti-timeline crowd — so the plug-in’s only purpose seems to be allowing its users to see their own profiles in the previous Facebook layout.

Timeline Remove comes from the same developer who released ReFaceChat, which allowed users to disable Facebook’s chat sidebar. We guess some people just can’t embrace change.

For readers who do install Timeline Remove and decide against using it, you must restart your browsers before disabling or deleting the plug-in takes effect.