People Confuse Facebook Timeline Pages With Profiles

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook’s communications team won’t preview what message will greet us for the sitewide mandatory launch of timeline on all brand pages.

Consumers’ tendency to use the word page to refer to a profile has many folks thinking that tomorrow timelines will default everywhere on the site, pages and profiles alike.

But maybe this is all working out for the best after all. The roughly 37 million brands on Facebook will show the 845 million individuals on the site that timeline can be done, hopefully mollifying consumers’ anxieties about the advanced layout. Then when the prompt suggesting timeline shows up on people’s pages, maybe they’ll be ready for it.

Ever since the social network first announced timeline in September, we’ve watched complaints by nontechies accumulate on our Facebook wall. A post on how to remove timeline from a profile — actually, you can’t after seven days — remains one of the most popular in our traffic rankings.

The gripes increased in volume when Facebook announced a sitewide rollout of timeline to all profiles, albeit with finalizing a date. The site’s February 29 announcement that the advanced layout on will become the default on all brand pages March 30 seemed like a better move than debuting profiles first, as has been the case in prior upgrades.

But no matter how carefully we try to word “timeline for brand pages” in posts here and on our wall, consumers continue to comment in the belief that all profiles were upgrading to timeline tomorrow. We’ll have to wait and see what really happens.

Readers, what do you make of the messaging here? When do you expect to see timeline on all Facebook profiles?

Main image courtesy of Shutterstock.