Facebook Timeline Lifestyle Apps Surge in Traffic

By Devon Glenn 

In January, Facebook announced the launch of 60 new timeline apps including Pinterest. At the time, Spotify was already seeing a benefit from having users share their playlists on Facebook – their membership rose to 1.4 million subscribers. Less than a month into the launch, the Facebook development team has reported dramatic gains in traffic and user engagement for lifestyle networks.

In September 2011 Facebook started adding music, news and video apps to the timeline. Since then, music lovers have shared 5 billion songs through the music apps Spotify, Songza, and Deezer; which now reach 50 countries instead of eight.

The latest round of apps included lifestyle sites in the areas of shopping and fashion, entertainment, and food. Many of these companies have seen impressive gains in membership, page views, and new visitors.  Pinterest is already one of the top 100 sites on the Web, and attracted 11 million unique visitors last month alone. Take a look at some more statistics from the Facebook Developer blog:

Shopping and Fashion

  • Pinterest: Since launching their open graph integration less than a month ago, the number of Facebook users visiting Pinterest every day has increased by more than 60%. The virtual pinboard site has made it fun and easy to share the items you’ve pinned and follow the boards of people you find interesting.
  • Pose: The fashion trend and style discovery app has seen a 5X increase in daily web signups for their website and mobile app by helping people share the different products they like with their friends.
  • Fab.com: The design shopping site and mobile app has seen a 50% increase in traffic from Facebook as a result of their social shopping timeline app and live feed implementation.


  • Artfinder: The art discovery and collector site has seen a 60% increase in time spent on the site by new visitors from Facebook by giving people a way to share art with friends.
  • Rockmelt: Rockmelt users are adding 14 new articles every day through the social browser, driving 20% new traffic and new users to the site.


  • Foodspotting: The food finding and sharing app has seen a 3X increase in number of visits and activities shared by helping people share the dishes they want, try and ate with friends on Facebook
  • Foodily: The foodie and recipe site has seen a 4X increase in new users by allowing people to share what they crave and are cooking.

Even more interesting are the categories that were left out of this analysis. Travel sites like Gogobot and TripAdvisor are missing, as are TicketmasterRotten Tomatoes, and Kobo. There’s no obvious reason why making a list of films you’d like to see or places you’d like to visit wouldn’t be as much fun as pointing out a dress you’d like to buy, but maybe traffic to these sites has stabilized to the point where a Facebook app doesn’t make much of a difference. Many of the sites that were included in the report have yet to hit the mainstream, and their statistics are expressed in growth percentage rather than the actual number of users or page views.