Max Out Facebook Timeline's Branding Opportunities

By Guest Comment

Numerous forms of free advertising have become things of the past on Facebook pages. But they’ve been replaced by other opportunities.

The most successful company timelines are the ones that maximize milestones, larger images, highlighting and pinning, along with the new about section.


Businesses need to include milestones that will resonate with their core audiences. This is a really great tool for those companies that have not successfully leveraged key moments in their companies’ histories in the past.

Milestones provide a second chance to be recognized for the work they’ve done and the contributions they’ve made to their industries.


A picture’s worth a thousand words. This reality is one of the reasons behind Pinterest’s success. Marketers should focus on incorporating vibrant images in conveying their brand’s story.

This is a valuable method of creating a dynamic look and feel via a company Facebook page. Business-to-business companies can especially excel in this visual area by posting strong infographics and compelling video.

Highlighting And Pinning

Find posts that generated the highest level of engagement among your target audience. Marketers can now make individual stories more prominent in size, or pin them to the top of their company’s timeline.

This is a huge opportunity for marketers to showcase content that really engaged their community. It also provides a way for essential posts to cut through the clutter and drive attention to what’s important to your audience and brand.


Revisit the bio your company has been using. The new “about us” section featured prominently below your timeline cover provides a small space of opportunity to tell the world about your business. Keep this description to a minimum. It should be a brief, but strong, statement that sums up your brand. Don’t forget to leave room to include a web address.

When combined, these features can provide an unparalleled method of creating a comprehensive and cohesive overview of who you are as a company.

Timeline requires marketers to get more creative in order to best express a compelling brand story and engage audiences. It’s a marketing game changer, and it alters the rules of online promotion.

Not only does it present marketers with a novel way of highlighting their brand’s history and growth, it might be just the marketing fix they’ve been looking for.

Guest writer John Souza is the founder and chief strategist of Social Media Magic and author of The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need.