Facebook Ticker Vanishes Due To Inactivity And Bugs

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Reports that Facebook has removed the ticker apparently motivated the social network to call the phenomenon a bug that’s undergoing a fix, although it’s not a glitch when the feature disappears because of little to no activity on an account.

The site’s help center added an entry explaining that people with less active accounts won’t see the feature; this corroborates something I’d noticed once or twice when logging on at a time when none of the 750-plus people on my list were on Facebook — when your friends aren’t doing anything on the site, the ticker would only duplicate the news feed and not scroll, so there’s no point in the feature taking up part of your screen.

The help center also indicated that people who simply don’t use the site much might not see the ticker.

The implication here is that having fewer friends, or simply less active friends, than the average of 100 might make your ticker vanish. So would not following pages, not liking anything and even not joining groups.

Doing the opposite of the aforementioned things would naturally bring the ticker back onto one’s screen.

Meanwhile, the Known Issues on Facebook page posted that some people aren’t seeing the ticker who should be, and that the site is working to fix this glitch.

And the site continues to refine the ticker, alternately testing labels for the feature along with shifting its location and size.

Readers, what’s your opinion of the ticker — would you rather it disappear?