Facebook Tests Rotating Ads

By Justin Lafferty 

Earlier this week, word spread that Facebook planned to put as many as 10 ads next to posts with droves of activity. The company is trying another way to get users to see more ads: rotating them.

Normally, to see a new ad or new group of ads, you’d have to refresh the page or visit another page. Soon, the ads will swap in and out by themselves.

A Facebook spokesperson talked about the action, via marketing news site ClickZ:

We recently made a change to some pages that show ads on Facebook that allows ads to be replaced with others after an extended period of time. This change was implemented a few weeks ago, and we think this will help people see more relevant ads.

ClickZ notes that this is a way to generate a higher click-through rate on ads. If you don’t click on ads, Facebook will rotate different ones in. It’s kind of a mix-and-match effort to show better targeted ads.

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock.