UPDATED: Facebook Tests News Feed Ads From Pages Users Haven’t Liked Yet

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook is trying out some new ways to cater to advertisers and gain back the faith of investors. On Tuesday, sister blog Inside Facebook reported that the social network will start allowing a select few pages to promote ads beyond their fan base. The ads encourage users to like the page, allowing advertisers to reach more than just their fans. A Facebook spokesperson said Wednesday that they will be similar to targeted ads and can be hidden by users.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed this to AllFacebook, stating, “We think this will make it easier for businesses to reach more people.” The spokesperson responded to more questions Wednesday, regarding how it would work and whether or not users would be able to block the ads. Facebook declined to comment on how well the tests are going so far:

These ads will have all of the same targeting options as other ads on Facebook. People will be able to give feedback on desktop by hiding the ads just like other ads on Facebook.

This is being tested on both the desktop and mobile news feeds.

Here’s what it looks like on desktop, courtesy of Inside Facebook:

The ad looks just like something you’d see in your news feed if you had already been a fan of the page, except in the top right corner is the call to action: Like Page. There is also text at the bottom of the ad, noting that it’s a sponsored post. Before this, pages could only directly post to their fans’ news feeds.

Readers: How would you feel if posts from pages of which you weren’t a fan started popping up in your news feed?