Facebook Tests Hybrid Wall And Feed On Event Pages

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook constantly tweaks event invitations, and the latest such adjustment involves a hybrid wall that restores some of the commenting privileges scrapped in the last design tweak.

This new feature appears beneath the invitation, showing every single change made to the event itself, along with RSVP actions by the invited.

The newest iteration of the event page also puts a status update type of interface atop the area separating the invitation and the combined wall and news feed.

Depending on the number of guests invited, this event-specific news feed seems likely to generate a lot of posts, while providing information to all invited parties that otherwise only the hosts would see.

However, this latest change has a positive side: The reinstatement of some of the wall comment visibility that disappeared in the previous design tweak, which had only allowed the hosts to see posts by those who declined to attend the event.

Readers, what sort of changes have you noticed on the pages for events you’re hosting or invited to?