Facebook Wants You To Accept More Friend Requests

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Women tend to send and accept fewer friend requests than men do, and the advent of the subscribe button has given us a polite way to handle requests from strangers.

But now Facebook wants us to respond to unanswered friend requests, or so a test module on the home page suggests.

By virtue of its larger size — see the screenshot to the right — the test module draws more attention than the friend request notification that appears at the top of the screen.

The average Facebook user has around 130 friends, a number that’s steadily increasing over time. That would only go up faster if the social network continues to prompting people to respond to unanswered friend requests.

The more friends people have, the greater the potential for viral marketers for via word of mouth messaging on the site. Facebook’s data team recently discovered that acquaintances contribute more to the spread of information than close friendships do.

So we’re curious to see whether this module becomes a more permanent fixture on the site.

Readers, do you reply to all friend requests on Facebook — and have you seen any additional prompts to do so?