Facebook Testing Redesign To One-Column Timeline

By Justin Lafferty 

It appears that Facebook is looking for ways to simplify the timeline design. As first noticed by social media expert Mari Smith (and ABC News), some users are seeing a sleeker-looking timeline, including a single-column design and buttons that easily connect to the about section, friends, photos, and other sections of users’ Facebook profiles.

We reported Oct. 31 that Facebook was testing a single-column design, but it appears that the company has also redesigned the cover photo and the tabs under the cover photo. Facebook did not comment when asked if this test would come to pages soon, too, but it’s likely that pages will see a similar setup.

Smith, in a blog post Thursday, illustrated all of the changes:

Facebook confirmed the test to AllFacebook:

This is a new design Facebook is testing with a small percentage of people to make navigating timeline even easier.

While reports of a single-column timeline design are nothing new, it appears that Facebook is also making changes to the landing pages, such as the about section. Now when a user clicks on one of the text tabs, there’s a clearer, bolder display of information. ABC News also notes that the subscriber count is precise. If you have 180,203 subscribers (now followers) in real life, it won’t be shortened to a generic 180k:

Readers: What other features do you want to see in timeline?