Facebook Surpasses 1,000 Employees

By Nick O'Neill Comment

-Facebook Roles Icon-According to a Bloomberg article this morning, Facebook has at least 1,000 employees as part of its workforce now. In an interview with Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg explains that since the company hasn’t “made it” yet, he would prefer that the company’s “building feel much more like a very large garage.” Perhaps after the company has launched a payment platform and extended Facebook Ads to the rest of the web they can live a lavish lifestyle.

Revenue has grown 70 percent this year which is a substantial amount considering the economic downturn but slower then the previous year when revenues doubled. The company also aimed to have 1,000 employees by the end of 2008 but apparently that number was adjusted as the recession hit. Zuckerberg also stated the company’s goal of reaching 1 billion users.

Earlier this year when Twitter’s internal documents were leaked, it was revealed that the company also saw itself in a race to beat Facebook to 1 billion. While that may be Twitter’s goal, it appears that overall traffic growth has begun to slow, if the latest statistics from Alexa are accurate. Facebook continues to grow at a rapid pace though, adding upwards of 5 million users a week, which mean the company has around 275 million users now, up from 250 million back in July.

While Facebook’s user base has been growing exponentially, Facebook’s employee count hasn’t grown as quickly. Bloomberg uses Google as an example of a typical startup’s growth, stating that the company “almost doubled its staff annually in the three years through 2005, a year after it went public.” Whether or not the employee count growth is typical, the company’s site growth has been atypical, continuing to grow exponentially, over 5 years after it first began.