Story Time: Facebook Debuts Facebook Stories Site

By David Cohen 

After all, who doesn’t like a good story ? Facebook announced the launch of a new site Thursday, Facebook Stories, which it created “to celebrate the extraordinary ways that people are using Facebook.”

The social network said Facebook Stories will be updated monthly, with each month based on a theme, including an infographic. The inaugural theme for the site is “Remembering,” and the featured story is the tale of Mayank Sharm of New Delhi, India, who lost his memory due to tubercular meningitis and used Facebook to help rebuild the history of his life.

A Facebook spokesperson told Mashable Facebook Stories was a response to an “overwhelming outpouring of people” emailing the Facebook press account to share stories on how they have used the social network “to leverage connections, deliver social value to their communities, and work through adversity in their own lives. We wanted to build a place where they can live and be showcased and celebrated, and also to give them some context.”

Facebook introduced Facebook Stories with this post on its Facebook Washington DC page:

This morning we launched Facebook Stories (, a new site to celebrate the extraordinary ways that people are using Facebook. Every month we will release new stories in the form of videos, articles, illustrations, playlists, and reading lists centered around a theme. Our first theme is “Remembering.” We invite you to explore the stories at and to encourage your friends to submit their own.

Readers: Will you explore Facebook Stories?