Facebook Still the Fastest Social Network; LinkedIn and Twitter Close Behind

By Kenna McHugh 

SmartBear Software company released its standard quarterly report for overall Web Performance for Social Networks. The company ranked each social media site by its speed and availability in the third quarter of 2011. By speed means how fast the platform loads on the Internet, and by availability means maintaining its presence on the Internet without crashing.

SmartBear’s AlertSite collected the findings by monitoring the home pages of the top five sites — Facebook, LinkedIn,YouTube, Twitter and MySpace — across 12 U.S. cities. Every five minutes the program collects data between 6 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. EST.

To collect the data SmartBear calculates how long it takes the website to load completely — average response time for all objects to load, including images, JavaScript, Flash and third party objects — in less than 60 seconds without error in order to qualify.

Facebook came out the winner even though the platform was a little bit slower compared to the second quarter. Facebook has been the winner every quarter since SmartBear AlertSite began its performance rankings.

But SmartBear AlertSite also reported that Twitter ranked #4 in both categories, yet should receive an honorable mention as the most interesting social network. Despite the fact that the microblogging platform didn’t win, place or show–and in fact, even dipped slightly in both website speed and availability, the platform underwent remarkably high levels of use four separate times in the third quarter without crashing as it has been know to do.