Facebook Extends Maximum Status Update 12-Fold

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Facebook has extended the maximum length of status updates to 60,000 characters, 12 times what it used to be.

Perhaps this move intends to offset the site’s recently announced plan to end support of RSS in the Notes application.

The change might offer longer thoughts better visibility in the news feed than the old Notes had. However, longer statuses don’t jibe with the ticker, which tends to clip posts after a period mark.

However, we’ve already noticed a couple of items in the ticker running four or five lines in length, a line or two longer than what we thought the maximum was for the scrolling feed.

We’ve previously written that the average Facebook user sees only one out of every ten status updates, but that phenomenon doesn’t mean that a post of ten to 12 times the length would get more visibility.

However, if length of post were to become part of the criteria in the GraphRank algorithm for placement of posts in the news feed, then longer status updates would become more visible.

A telling point of comparison appears in the infographic that we reproduced from the Facebook + Journalists page: You could post the contents of an average novel in just nine status updates.