Facebook Starts Placing Restrictions On Event Invites

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook users who manage events with hundreds of people involved (or who simply invite their entire friend lists) will start meeting some friction. As noticed by an AllFacebook reader and by social media expert Mari Smith, Facebook is restricting invitations on events. Now, users can only invite 100 users at a time, and there can only be 300 pending invitations on events.

AllFacebook reader Cory Wijnhamer noticed that he hit this screen when inviting users to an event.

A query to Facebook led to this entry in the Facebook help section, showing the guidelines for inviting people to an event.

Smith posted about this change in events, wondering what brought about the regulation:

Now that has got to be frustrating for many event hosts! However, my guess as to the reason for the ruling is the vast number of complaints Facebook receives for unwanted event invites. It’s a tricky situation. It is possible to block event invites from specific friends. But that should not affect how many you as a host can invite at a time.

Readers: How do you feel about this change?

Main image courtesy of Shutterstock.