Facebook Spotlights Buffalo Studios’ Bingo Blitz

By David Cohen 

Facebook spotlighted Buffalo Studios’ Bingo Blitz in a post on its developer blog, citing its mix of bingo with arcade-style game play, as well as its boost in engagement since adding custom art and content to its open graph stories.

Bingo Blitz is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as via Facebook.com, and the social network said 80 percent of its mobile revenue is coming from players who connect via Facebook, adding that they spend three times more and play twice as much.

Facebook said the game has seen likes and comments rise 20 percent since sprucing up its open graph posts, and unique clicks to the game have skyrocketed 500 percent.

The use of the social network’s application subscription payment model has led to 85 percent of Bingo Blitz subscribers returning to the game daily to collect their rewards.

Facebook offered more details on the success of Bingo Blitz in the developer blog post:

Consistent gaming experience across platforms: Bingo Blitz uses Facebook to connect players and give them a consistent user experience on all devices. People will soon be able to find and invite friends on any device. Also, people who start playing on the desktop can switch to playing on their mobile device.

Making connecting easy on mobile: Facebook users are more engaged and spend more than guest users of Bingo Blitz. Because of the high value of Facebook users, the game outlines why logging in with Facebook is fun and easy. Because of this, more than 50 percent of mobile players log in with Facebook.

Creating interesting open graph stories: Bingo Blitz makes custom art and copy for each of the stories. Stories about players visiting cities in Bingo Blitz generate more likes, comments, and clicks than standard play actions.

Driving retention and revenue with subscriptions: Bingo Blitz makes more money by offering a monthly subscription service to players. The premium subscription includes benefits and exclusive rewards that appeal to more players. Subscribers have become some of Bingo Blitz’s most engaged players, returning daily to play the game.