Despite Passing On iLike, Facebook Appears Still Interested In Music

By Nick O'Neill Comment

-Zuckerberg Spotify Icon-Just last week we wrote about the MySpace acquisition of iLike and this week it appears that some form of agreement between Facebook and Spotify is in the works according to Techcrunch. The rumor is based on a status update by Mark Zuckerberg in which he simply stated “Spotify is so good.” While Mark may be a victim to the classic “shiny object syndrome” found in much of Silicon Valley, he probably wouldn’t have written the update had something not been in the works.

Whether or not discussions or near the final stages, Spotify is most definitely an interesting product and the timing is definitely interesting. It almost appears as though this is a counter move to MySpace’s acquisition of iLike last week. Also according to Mike Arrington, “Facebook investor Li Ka-Shing is now a big stockholderin Spotify, too.” Arrington also claims that talks have intensified over the past week which means a deal may be in the process of closing.

Spotify is one of the most buzzed about music startups currently but unfortunately if you are based in the U.S. you won’t be able to access the site anytime soon. That’s because the company has only signed agreements with record labels for running ad supported music in Europe. If you can’t wait and feel like breaking the law to check out the new hot startup, you can follow the directions found here.

Also be sure to check out the company’s demo video, found below.