FanRx Adds Spotify Play Button To Musicians’ Facebook Pages

By David Cohen 

Facebook page-creation company FanRx was one of the first developers to press the Spotify play button, enabling its musician users to embed the button on their Facebook pages.

The Spotify play button can be added to Facebook pages, other social networks, blogs, and websites, and it enables visitors to simply click a play button and begin listening to the artist’s music.

FanRx, formerly known as BandRx, said artists using its Facebook Page Builder who have integrated the Spotify Play Button include The Killers, Train, Eric Church, The Wanted, and Neon Trees, and the feature is available to all musicians.

Artists select which tracks they want to feature, and when users click the play button, the Spotify desktop application is automatically launched, and the track begins to play.

Users who have not yet installed Spotify are prompted to so do and create an account.

Spotify and Facebook have been tied together since the former’s U.S. debut last July, as Spotify users must access the service via Facebook Connect.

The relationship between the two companies is also illustrated by Spotify being one of the few music applications approved by Facebook to use the “listen” open graph action verb.

Readers: Do you listen to music on Facebook via Spotify or other apps?