Facebook Sports Stadium Opens Its Doors

By David Cohen Comment


You don’t need a ticket to get into Facebook Sports Stadium—an iPhone in the U.S. will allow users of the social network admission to a real-time hub for all Facebook content related to sporting events.

Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Sports Stadium, starting with iPhone for the U.S. and the National Football League and expanding to other sports and other platforms “in the coming weeks.”

Product manager Steve Kafka said in a Newsroom post introducing Facebook Sports Stadium that users can find the hub by searching for the games they are watching, adding:

We’ll surface new ways to get there as the product evolves.

Facebook Sports Stadium brings all Facebook content related to games into one place, chronologically, including:

  • Live scores, statistics and play-by-play.
  • Posts and comments from friends about specific plays.
  • Posts and comments from experts—teams, leagues, journalists—and easy access to their pages.
  • Coverage from national, regional and local media outlets, as well as fan-centric team pages.
  • Broadcast information.

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Kafka said in the Newsroom post:

With 650 million sports fans, Facebook is the world’s largest stadium. People already turn to Facebook to celebrate, commiserate and talk trash with their friends and other fans.

Now we’ve built a place devoted to sports so you can get the feeling you’re watching the game with your friends even when you aren’t together.

With Facebook Sports Stadium, all the content on Facebook related to the game is in one place, and it comes in real time and appears chronologically.

And head of global sports partnerships Dan Reed added in a Facebook Media blog post:

350 million people joined the social conversation around the World Cup in 2014. Last year’s Super Bowl was the most talked-about in history, with 65 million people discussing the game in real-time on Facebook.

Now we’ve built a place devoted to live sports events where all of these fans can celebrate, commiserate and talk trash with their friends, discover and share related videos and other game-related content, and read commentary from sports journalists and other experts.

David Harris, who works on product marketing for Facebook, shared the video below, saying in his post:

From a ragtag team of volunteers a year ago to the full-fledged product group we have today, this has been one of the most fulfilling projects of the outset of my career. We’re just getting started.

Readers: Will you check out Facebook Sports Stadium during Sunday’s NFL conference championship games?