33 Codes Your Kids Use On Facebook

By Jennifer Moire Comment

If you’re a parent and noticed your kids were going to CD5 before they GNOC in a post on Facebook, you should check out this list of social media terms that could help decipher a message they may not want you to know.

SocialShield has released this list to promote its service for parents which monitors the Facebook activity of their children.

SocialShield’s proprietary search engines have identified these code words, developed over time by children or those who prey on children online, as dangerous in some way.

In a press release, SocialShield’s George Garrick, chief executive officer, said:

Many parents think friending their child on social networks is enough to monitor their activities and protect them, yet time and time again it’s shown that it isn’t. Most parents don’t have the time to keep up with the sheer volume of interactions or have the understanding of the online language to really get what their kids are saying or what people are saying to their kids. This makes it really easy for problems to go unnoticed.

The complete list appears below.