Facebook 'Social Readers' Amass Millions Of Users

By David Cohen Comment

Yahoo News, The Washington Post,The Independent, and The Guardian have amassed millions of readers for social editions of the publications that launched in September.

These publications are all sending large numbers of posts into Facebook news feeds, often to the point of eclipsing other types of content — until users start hiding or deleting them.

Here’s how the social readers are faring.

  • Yahoo News: Since adding deep integration with Facebook’s Open Graph, more than 10 million users of the social network have activated the social news features, and Yahoo! News has seen a 600 percent increase in traffic from Facebook.
  • The Washington Post: Since launching its social reader app for Facebook, the app has drawn more than 3.5 million monthly active users, 83 percent of which are 35 or younger.
  • The Independent: More than one million monthly active users have connected their Facebook accounts to the U.K. newspaper’s social news functions, and The Independent has seen articles from the late 1990s crack its most-shared and most-views lists.
  • The Guardian: Its Facebook app totals almost four million monthly active users, and it has generated nearly one million page impressions daily, with more than half of its users 24 or younger.

What have your experiences been with the social readers like the ones mentioned above and others launched since September?